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Hey there,

This is Andrew Wee.

Let me ask you a question.

Are you happy with where you are with your business and your life right now?

Since getting involved with Internet marketing in 2006 and running my own business, I’ve had to deal with the issues that most entrepreneurs have to deal with – being able to prioritize your projects and tasks, being able to manage your time effectively and more importantly, seeing projects to completion.

I’ve received many questions on my blog and email about these topics over the years, and I’ve discovered in coaching and consulting individuals and companies the same issues come up.

What I also did was to take a survey recently, of the top issues that business owners and entrepreneurs have to deal with.

Issues like being able to deal with procrastination, how to better manage your time better, how to prioritize your projects. Basically how to do what you’re doing now

So I’ve compiled the strategies I’ve used into a series of guides, I call the Mindware Recode. I go into specific life hacks to get better results from what you’re doing now.

The system comes in the form of a lifehacking guide, where I share my experience in dealing with challenges that all entrepreneurs will have to deal with, plus I’ve also written a workbook that will have a series of exercises to help you apply the techniques I mention.

But that’s not all, I have a followup system where you’ll have access to a private Facebook group where I’ll be sending regular updates and new lifehacks. This will ensure that you’re getting the latest tips and strategies to get more out of what you’re doing.

Mindware Recode


Start with this first. This explains how your brain and your brain’s software, your “mindware” work.

What you wil learn:

  • I go through examples on how and why people procrastinate and how it can be helpful
  • How to rewrite unhealthy habits and replace them with ones which will help you get what you want
  • The dark side of success and how you can avoid falling into the pitfalls which could cost you your most precious resource, your time!
  • The BFG (the Big F***ing Gun) of procrastination cures
  • Social experiments I conducted to put myself on the line and help me kick butt and take names!
  • And much, much more!

But that’s not all. After I launched the guide to a small group of customers, I continued to follow up with them to find out their pain points, obstacles and challenges they faced in recoding their mindware. I came up with a second guide, the Mindware Recode workbook to help you work through tough challenges and come up with a step-by-step plan to work through almost all difficulties you might face.

Introducing the…

Mindware Recode workbook


In this workbook, I show you:

  • How people mess up, especially when they have already made plans, set goals, made nice dreamboards and think they have everything in place for success.
  • How you can use the “Hero reference” strategy to motivate yourself much better than just setting boring, static goals on paper.
  • Why and how you should structure your action plan for success. You know that having a plan helps you use your time more efficiently and keeps you on track to getting stuff done.
  • The Wall: If you’re a runner, you’ll discover that you’ll hit the “wall” at some point, a barrier that makes you want to give up and quit. It’s the same whether you’re starting a new business, trying to lose weight or bring a relationship to the next level. I’ll show you a series of strategies that you can break down the wall into smaller chunks so that it’ll be more manageable and show you how you can overcome the obstacles in your way.

But, wait, there’s more!

So one thing I didn’t like about other books I had bought in the past was that the content was stale because it had been written a few months ago and was only being published now.

I’ve worked around this issue of showing your “old stuff” by creating a private Facebook group where I continue to share tips and strategies to apply the knowledge in these guides, as well as giving you new tools to get what you want.

You’ll also get a first-person view at how I apply these techniques in my own business and life.

But that’s not all.

60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee

I want you to be completely satisfied with the Mindware Recode pack. If, for any reason, you decide the Mindware Recode isn’t working for you, or you aren’t able to apply the techniques, you can drop me a message and I’ll give you a full refund.

Are you ready to get started?

If you’d like to bring yourself to the next level, for the price of a nice lunch, click on the link below:

Mindware Recode lifehacking pack: $19

Your special launch offer today: $9.97

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